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Fun - Get Her Into Your Bed On Tinder & Co. With Just 1 Message

Fun - Get Her Into Your Bed On Tinder & Co. With Just 1 Message

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Tinder Pick Up Line

Get Sex With The Hottest Women By The First Message

Just 1 Message To Get Casual Sex. You´ll only need one message and will directly know which ladies want to go to bed with you.

tinder sex

Copy & Paste Templates

You´ll get two templates for your first message which will result in Casual Sex immediately. Decide which template fits best to your style and send it to every woman you like. You only have to fill in the names of the ladies into these two copy-and-paste templates.

For All Dating Apps – Not Just Tinder

The Pick Up Line won´t only work on Tinder but also on all the other dating apps and dating services. It’s not just for Sex on Tinder but generally for more easy sex from online dating.


You Don’t Have To Know Each Other For A Long Time

The ladies can only answer with a “yes” or a “no” to your first message. They will meet you after your first text or not. After the “yes” you can have easily some sex from online dating and can save yourself endless texting and chatting. 20% of all women will answer with a “yes” to this casual opener.

High Success Rate

More than half of all women will answer your casual first message and more than 20% want to meet you instantly after you’ve texted them. Our success rate: 290 matches, 153 responses, 51 sex dates. But the Tinder Pick Up Line works only because we keep the access to the message exclusive. If the message were available on YouTube, Facebook, Google & Co. for free, everybody would send the same message and affect your success. Only this way we can guarantee you the success of the Tinder Sex message.

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